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12/23/2017 9:22:46 PM
Our church family, prayer to be of service to God and uplift our church members and our families, our children. Pray for guidance and leadership to steer our children in the right direction.

Pray for Pathfinder Oshkosh 2019 preparation and getting the resources needed and planning.
Posted by:ME
12/9/2016 8:38:39 AM
Update 10

Major Update:
The results of the MRI came in today. The left hemisphere of Ani's brain is covered with cancer cells. It is a thick enough layer that it is pushing the brain out of alignment. There is a small, fragile bone at the stem in the center of the brain that controls her breathing. If we do nothing, the pressure from the cancer pushing the brain out of alignment will break that small bone and she will die. That will happen in the next few weeks if we refuse treatment.
It is 4th stage cancer. It has maastasized and could be in several other places but without immediate radiation treatment to the brain, she will not make it home.
I know that we have asked for money over and over and I can't say that this is the last time but we need to raise the rest of the money in the next week. The radiation treatment is thousands of dollars. The natural treatments, to offset the damage of the radiation, (hyperbolic chamber, curcumin and heat therapy) will be thousands more.
If we all gave a gift this week, large or small, I believe we can make it. I can't afford to pay for it all and we will get some insurance help for some of the traditional treatments but it all has to be paid in cash up front. Pray for us. Our faith is strong despite our situation being overwhelming.
Thank you in advance for your love offering. I wish that I could thank everyone personally but that is impossible. So, please accept this thanks as from our family to yours.

Posted by:MICHAEL
12/6/2016 6:57:04 PM
we continue praying for Ani (Pastor O'connor's wife) and sister Denise
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